Should Elections in India be publicly funded?

Welcome to the Fifth debate in our National Agenda Debates Series. As always, click on the link below to participate in the debate below. Our views team will also be weighing from time to time. This week’s question is Should Elections in India be publicly funded?


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One response to “Should Elections in India be publicly funded?

  1. Not only the election should not be publicly funded, we should also remove all restrictions on election expenditure by candidates and parties, and supporters. The only condition should be that all contribution for political activities, including election be tax free, provided all the contributions are all declared and accounted for. Secondly, the restrictions on election funding imply that voters are gullible and will easily sell the country down the drain. If that is the case, then the world’s largest democratic experiment hardly has any future. Thirdly, while money is important, there is hardly any evidence to suggest that money is the determining factor in sealing electoral fortunes of candidates. Finally, private contribution to a political cause is both an expression of freedom of thought and association, and they lie at the foundation of free democratic society. Therefore, election funding restrictions violate the fundamental tenets of free society.

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